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ul. 3 Maja 8, bud. A1
05-800 Pruszków
NIP: 534 22 80 548
T: +48 22 728 13 67
T: +48 22 270 96 01

ul. Biskupa Bednorza 1
40-384 Katowice
T: +48 32 781 05 80

Poznań/ Luboń
Al. Niepodlgości 35
62-030 Luboń
T: +48 61 281 00 88

Warszawa Biuro Air & Ocean
ul. Wirażowa 35/308
02-158 Warszawa
NIP: 522 301 67 91
T: +48 662 219 785


International transport

Mainfreight operates a Pan-European forwarding network. This network consists of high quality partners and is equipped to handle shipments of any size. Mainfreight forwarding in Europe offers a door-to-door concept: Collection - Cross dock - Transport - Cross dock - Delivery.

For several countries in Europe we offer groupage lines from and to Poland. Find out more about our groupage lines including transit time.

Tracking & Tracing
Should you wish to track your shipments from collection through to delivery at your customer's premises, you can with Tracking & Tracing,

(ADP) Automated Distribution Planning, Barcode labelling of shipments, on board computers (all our vehicles are equipped with on board computers and a cell phone) and EDI with our international partners.

Characteristics of our European distribution:

  • A strong European network for groupage, part and full truck loads
  • Own offices and reliable partners in all European countries
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Short and reliable transit times
  • Transport management services

We offer

  • Airport to Airport trucking
  • National Transport
  • International Transport
  • Part & Full Truck loads
  • Courier services

Our international transport fleet

  • Temperature controlled trailers
  • Hard sided trailers for secure transport
  • Curtain sided trailers for loading and unloading from the top or side
  • All trucks are fitted with Euro 5 engines
  • Security measures like alerting for unauthorized door opening, deviating from route and emergency stop.
  • Multi lingual drivers

Information management

All our trucks are equipped with the "CarCube" - car satellite navigation system which significantly enhances the communication between drivers and the planning department.

"CarCube" is a high-end GPS solution to facilitate route planning, communication with drivers and the overall navigation and reporting. With this system, all drivers will be able to read real time information about the shipments and routes. Our planning department  always knows where each truck is enabling us to react fast and efficient to unforeseen events.
The use of CarCube reduces operating and communication costs and enables to deliver a better quality to our customers.

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Mainfreight offers its services in several European countries.
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