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History of Mainfreight


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Mainfreight began its operations in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1978, soon growing into New Zealand’s most extensive freight network.  A shift in focus, in 1984, saw the opening  of the first Mainfreight International branch. 

Investment in Australian operations began in 1989 driven by a desire to treat New Zealand and Australia as a single market.  Mainfreight’s presence in Australia continued to expand through both acquisition and branch proliferation across strategic locations.
Mainfreight became global in 1999 with the acquisition of businesses in both Asia and the United States.  Full ownership of our Asian operations was completed in 2007 and today Mainfreight has several branches operating out of China, and expansion further continued in America with the purchase of Target Logistics Services in 2007.  Mainfreight USA offers extensive services across the supply chain.
In 2011 Mainfreight acquired the business of Wim Bosman Group providing further opportunities to expand Mainfreight's international global network with branches throughout Europe.

Takeover Wim Bosman

In April 2011 the Wim Bosman Group has been bought by Mainfreight. Mainfreight is a worldwide logistic service provider with branches in New Zealand, the United States, China and Europe.

Global network

Mainfreight has established a worldwide network of agents to handle goods all over the world and within 24 - 72 hours within Europe.


The Wim Bosman Group/Mainfreight has its own offices and warehouses in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom and Ukraine.
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Mainfreight offers its services in several European countries.
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